Megan Samsel, MA, QMHP-R

I am a marriage and family therapist intern. My journey to becoming a therapist began with an innate desire to understand and truly experience the depth of the human experience from an open, heart-centered space. My approach to therapy is relational, sometimes humorous, dynamic, and systems-based. I take into account how oppressive structures can rob us of our capacity for joy. I work from a client-centered lens to hold vigil for the grief created by these systems of oppression while empowering clients to cultivate true experiences of contentment, embodiment, and peace with the grief. I believe all parts and feelings must be welcome to have a truly integrated healing experience.

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. I received my Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Sofia University. At Sofia, I pursued specializations in Transpersonal and Somatic psychologies. I am drawn to working with individuals, couples, and families who find themselves in transition, living unconventional lifestyles, or grappling with how to make meaning from a life-altering event. I have extensive experience working with survivors of domestic violence, individuals and families impacted by substance misuse, neurodivergent individuals, and sex workers.

As a trauma survivor myself, I have sought refuge in many Eastern and holistic philosophies on my own healing journey. Currently, I am a novice Zen practitioner. I believe many of the best psychological interventions of our modern time come from Buddhism, and enjoy rediscovering its presence in my learning as I pursue further postgraduate training. I do not shy away from naming power dynamics and am deeply aware of the often unspoken power differentials that can impact the therapeutic relationship. I engage in ongoing work to address my own points of privilege, including my whiteness and cisgender identity. I welcome clients to name and deconstruct these power dynamics with me.



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