Eztrella Armijo, MA, QMHP-R

Pronoun: They/them/elle or She/her/ella

I identify as a multi-racial (Hispanic, Indigenous, and White) Two-spirit, queer being. I have experience holding multiple marginalized identities while also being white-presenting, with ancestors who were both the colonized and the colonizers. I strive to utilize my power and skills in ways that give back to and provide care for underrepresented communities and our greater ecosystem. I stand proud in my own intersectionality refusing to let my cultural identities be erased by systemic inequities. I show up in the world with sacred authenticity, and I strive to provide holding space for clients to find and embody their own.

I have achieved a Master of Arts degree in Art Therapy and I’m completing my Ecotherapy Certificate from the Lewis and Clark Graduate School of Counseling and Education. I have received additional training as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach (PLC) from the Synthesis Center San Francisco, and have 8 years of experience as a consulting professional Astrologer. My focus is the intersection of (queer) identity development, individuals finding their purpose/meaning-making, and strengthening the human-nature bond. I have a strong interest in working with 2SLGBTQIA+, Latinx/Spanish speakers, Indigenous peoples, and other marginalized client groups, across the lifespan, in individual and group settings.

I utilize a highly experiential and integrative approach, practicing from person-centered, relational-cultural, trauma-informed, arts-based, nature-based, strengths-based, transpersonal, and narrative therapy orientations. My eco-art therapy treatment approach combines the principles of ecotherapy and art therapy, while the application of psychosynthesis life coaching and astrology enables the exploration of deeper levels of purpose, meaning-making, and conscious manifestation. Through the nature-based and astrological lenses, I incorporate the client’s relationship with the natural world, as well as with natural personal and collective cycles which can help clients navigate through the ebbs and flows of life. Utilizing multi modal and expressive arts therapy, clients are able to safely explore and express themselves through non-verbal, creative means. Through using the tools of psychosynthesis life coaching, I help clients to focus on personal development and growth, cultivating deeper purpose, bridging personal and transpersonal (spiritual) experiences, and actualizing life goals.

Within the initial consultation and intake, we will discuss which methodologies will best suit the client’s unique treatment goals. My goal as a therapist is to reconnect clients with the medicine of nature and creativity, assist clients in multidimensional self-discovery and healing, and (re)empower clients to consciously co-create their most meaningful and authentic lives. When I’m out of the office, you can find me practicing deep self-care making art or music, connecting with cherished loved ones, adventuring in nature, or stargazing.

Clinical Supervisor: Carina Mariscal Diaz, LPC.

Insurance Plans Accepted