Portland Mental Health & Wellness is a collaboration among psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers, our trainees and administrative support staff.

We work with people first, diagnoses second. Though accurate diagnosis is important, people are much more than a diagnosis. We understand the constraints of a health care system that accommodates specific diagnosis focused therapy. We are able to work within that system but take extra care to allow for the gradual unfolding and blossoming that takes place as a matter of a course in therapy.


  • The mission of PMHW is to provide mental health care grounded in the belief that honoring the innate wisdom of both patient and practitioner offers the possibility for connection, healing, and growth. Befitting this mission, we offer training for mental health professionals.


  • Expand awareness among patients and systems of evidence-based mental health treatments that emphasize:
      • Curiosity
      • Empathy
      • Relationships
      • Dialogue & collaboration
      • Wholeness
      • Meaning Making
      • Growth of the mind
      • Importance of the body
  • Further develop evidence-based practices that encourage innovation and creativity for a diverse world that focuses on the healing potential of connection, understanding, and collaboration between patient and practitioner.
  • Reject a narrative of an isolated mind that develops and is structured outside of the relationship to others, the environment, and context.
  • Affirm the centrality of relationships, the environment, and context in the development and structuring of the mind and personhood.
  • Affirm that mental processes dynamically and creatively orient towards best maintaining the health and wellbeing of an interdependent self given what is accessible within the individual’s context.


Administratively, clinically and in policy, we value:

  • Holding sacred the impact of connection on health & wellness.
  • Honoring the capacity for growth and healing of the whole person.
  • Engaging each other, our patients, and our community with cultural humility.
  • Practicing ethically with empathy, compassion, integrity, and mutual respect.
  • Striving towards consistent anti-racism and anti-oppression practices, as well as an openness to receiving feedback for when we are missing the mark.

We believe that everyone has an innate propensity for self-realization just as we are.

We deliberately refer to those we work with as patients because the origins of the word patient refer to “sufferer.” This is consistent with our values that though as clinicians bring skills and expertise, we are all first and foremost fellow sufferers working our way through the world.