Jocelyn Chavez

Pronouns: she/her/hers

I am currently a professional counselor associate and a psychologist associate resident, soon to be LPC, and I earned my Master’s in Applied Psychological Science and Pacific University. During my academic career, I emphasized working with Latine/Hispanic populations, as well as devoted my time to human sexuality research. In the workforce, I’ve held clinical and leadership roles in a variety of settings, such as partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs, as well as in community mental health clinics.

I utilize a CBT and Feminist lens in my approach to therapy, in that my goal is to empower those I work with to promote their own resiliency in making changes, while being aware of social challenges with oppression and bias. I’m passionate about doing my own work in valuing and promoting diverse perspectives, as well as addressing and dismantling oppression. I reflect this in therapy by creating a mutualistic therapeutic environment that is person-centered and driven by the patient’s own values and goals. I believe in the importance of evidence-based practices, while also acknowledging the need for flexibility and humanism in navigating the turmoil and strife of life. I strive to help my patients become better acquainted with themselves, their patterns, and their ability to make meaningful and impactful changes.

My specialties include:

· Anxiety disorders (OCD, phobias, panic, generalized and social anxiety)

· Depression, suicidality

· Trauma (PTSD, domestic and intimate partner violence)

· Identity exploration

I am under the supervision of Dr. Erica Aten, PsyD, until obtaining my LPC license. I am also supervised by Dr. Niles Cook, PsyD, as a psychologist associate resident until obtaining my LPA license.

Jocelyn Chavez Professional Counselor

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