Brigid Bello, MSW, QMHP-R

I hold a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from Portland State University. My work is informed by various theories and modalities, including Black feminist theory, queer theory, liberation psychology, Health at Every Size®, and narrative therapy. I am passionate about body liberation and am in the process of becoming a Body Trust® Certified provider through the Center for Body Trust. I grew up here in Portland, Oregon, giving me a nuanced familiarity with this city and an understanding of its unique dynamics. Prior to my journey as a mental health practitioner, I completed my undergraduate degree in Theatre Arts, which cultivated my appreciation for storytelling, empathy, and the power of personal narratives. In my practice, I believe in prioritizing impact over intent and centering my clients as the experts of their own experiences. I value reciprocal feedback and I make an effort to approach this work as a learner and collaborator— asking questions, offering support, and navigating challenges with openness, practicality, and resolve. My clinical interests include disordered eating, racial identity, racial trauma, anxiety, ADHD, autism, relationships, non-traditional family structures, life transitions, and queer identity. I strive to provide trauma-informed, anti-oppressive care that acknowledges how systems like capitalism, fatphobia, and white supremacy impact our well-being. My goal is to help individuals heal, cope, and thrive in spite of the oppressive conditions that we live under while also actively working to change those conditions at the structural level.

Clinical Supervisor: Carina Mariscal Diaz, LPC.

Brigid Bello, MSW

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