Ashley Hassinger MA, QMHP

I am a third-year doctoral student in the Adult emphasis of Pacific University’s PsyD Clinical Psychology program. I have received my Master’s degree in Applied Psychological Sciences at Pacific University as well and hold two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and Business Management from The Pennsylvania State University. I utilized a combination of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy to support clients in building skills to tolerate painful emotions and increase choice and control over behaviors. 

I believe it is important to gain an understanding of the way patterns have developed in our lives so we can have compassion for how and why we act in the way we do. Once we understand how these patterns have developed, we can learn other ways of acting on our emotions and previous experiences that may serve us better now. I embrace the emotional and relational experiences that help support these changes and the development of compassion. I prioritize a clients’ choices and decisions for their own lives based on their values, experiences, and desires. Developing insight into these aspects increases the control a person has over their actions and decisions. 

Special areas of interest:

  • Treatment of those with personality disorders or personality disorder features
  • Complex trauma and traumatic childhood experiences
  • Exploration of childhood experiences and their impact on current relationships
  • Personality and identity exploration

I see patients through the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). My supervisor and clinical director is Dr. Erica Aten. 

Ashley Hassinger MA, QMHP