Rachel Baker, MS

Psychotherapy with Children, Adolescents, & Adults

Practices at Stevens
Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

Feeling connected to who you are and those around you; trusting yourself in the midst of hard decisions; gaining purpose and prioritizing self-care; creating and maintaining healthy relationships. All of these goals can feel impossible to accomplish when life is filled with transition, change, and loss. You may feel less confident than you used to feel. You may have difficulty making decisions and accessing self-trust. You may be feeling the grief of what you did or did not have and perhaps what you painfully lost along the way. While I can never understand exactly what you are navigating, I promise to believe in your experience and will strive to co-create a space that allows for the change you are wanting to prioritize. 

During our work together, my main intention will be to deeply understand and honor your narrative to help you find the healing and change you have been searching for. We will hold space for all that is lacking in your life, while carefully accessing the pieces of you and your life that carry great strength, wisdom and solutions. 

My therapeutic style is Strengths-Based and Solutions-Focused. Simultaneously, Feminist therapy is an approach I use to assist patients in better understanding the systems they are in, and how their identities interact beneficially and/or maladaptively to these systems. Through a compassion-focused and person-centered philosophy, we can collaborate to access the resources that are already present within you while also holding space for the ways in which you may feel stuck. 

When working together, I view problems from a structuralist framework. In other words, I believe we are deeply impacted by the society we participate in and by our relationships. It is crucial to me that I approach my patients from a forever curious lens. No matter how many hours we log together, I will always strive to better understand you than I did in our previous session. This belief is rooted in my training in person-centered therapy and also in what I have learned through my personal journey with trauma. I am in trauma recovery and have an affinity for working with individuals who have experienced the trauma of all kinds. 

My work as a White, Jewish, cisgender practitioner requires a continuation of self-inquiry regarding my privilege and how it shows up in the counselor-patient relationship. I commit to examining relationships with my patients and myself from an anti-oppression framework and recognize the education and work necessary to be a better ally for my patients. As your counselor, I expect to make mistakes. However, I will make our relationship and your emotional safety a priority by apologizing when I have done so. I will 

make space for you to express your feelings and deem it as the wholehearted truth. It is essential to me that I fully believe your story and experience while holding it with the utmost gentleness and respect. 

I have provided school counseling services to children and families in public and public charter school settings. Additionally, I was a counselor at Portland State University’s Community Counseling Clinic for individual adults. My education includes a Bachelors in Journalism from University of Oregon and a Masters in Counselor Education from Portland State University. 

As a Registered LPC Associate of the Oregon Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists, I abide by its Code of Ethics and I am supervised by Heeseung Kang. I look forward to moving through all that yearns for more moving, gently and together.

Rachel Baker, MS

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