The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now circulating in the U.S. Because of this we are taking extra precautions in our offices.

Covid-19 is a lower respiratory illness that seems to be similar to a severe seasonal flu and puts elderly, immunocompromised or those with underlying health conditions at greater risk.

We are asking that if you have any symptoms of illness such as cough, fever, malaise within 24 hours of your appointment, please DO NOT come into the office.


For those who need to cancel or reschedule because you are sick, identify as an at-risk population, or are selecting to decrease your social contact, please call or email your practitioner to discuss options to reschedule.  We will waive late cancellation fees for cancellations due to the above reasons through the end of April (this may be extended, to be determined).

Please be aware that appointments that are missed without any notice will still be subject to a late cancel fee.


Many of our therapists will be offering online virtual sessions for those clients who are sick, are quarantining, or are actively reducing social contact. It is up to each provider if they will be offering virtual sessions. It is also up to each insurance company and group whether or not they will cover telehealth/virtual sessions. If you are interested in meeting virtually with your therapist, please contact your provider directly for options. Please be aware that we will need to know that you would like to do a virtual session NO LESS than 24 hours prior to your appointment time so that we can look into your benefits to confirm that virtual sessions will be covered.


We will be stepping up our normal cleaning and sanitation routines. Staff will be periodically wiping down the common areas with disinfectant wipes. Therapists will be wiping down their offices.

We are encouraging everyone to refrain from handshakes at this time. We will encourage and accept waves, and “air” fives.


There is a lot of news out there. To go straight to the source these are good links to the CDC & OHSU:

For kid friendly information:

We will continue to communicate any updates as things change and develop. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call our office directly at 503-622-8964

Thank you for your help in keeping yourselves and your community healthy.