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Rebecca Shala, LPC

Individual & Group Psychotherapy, Clinical Supervision

Practices at Division
Pronouns: She, Her, Hers

My approach to therapy is informed by my life experience, formal training, and the relationships I develop with my patients. I believe in using awareness to follow and help unfold what is already trying to happen in your process – Going with the flow instead of against it. In my experience, disturbing symptoms and out of the ordinary states are opportunities to bring an attitude of nonjudgmental compassion, rigorous curiosity, and trust that there is something meaningful behind an initial reaction of aversion or attraction. Instead of pathologizing our experiences, I prefer to see them as urges toward greater diversity, wholeness, and health. Symptoms can lead us to self-discovery, but can also highlight changes that are needed in relationships, community, and culture. Finding a deeper understanding of our place in the world often involves reflection around intersecting identities and the systems we exist within.

My style is often irreverent, fluid, and experiential. I particularly enjoy supporting others in ‘experiments’ to go over edges and try out new behaviors, feelings, and ways of being in the world. I frequently use dreamwork, somatic awareness, connection to deeper states, and attending to marginalized experiences to create a more spacious sense of self. I try to embody what Process Work calls Deep Democracy; an attitude of lovingkindness toward all parts of our inner world. I believe therapy involves a real encounter between real people, and that realness helps bring more authenticity and integrity in living out our deeper selves. My therapy is influenced by DBT, MBT, Gestalt, Jungian and Process Work perspectives.

I am a licensed counselor in Oregon and Washington and am an adjunct professor at Lewis and Clark College. I have completed an MA in Counseling at George Fox University and recently completed an MA in Process-Oriented Facilitation and Conflict Studies at the Process Work Institute. I am passionate about mental health diversity and activism and work toward de-pathologizing my own and my patients’ perspectives.