Molly Young, PsyD

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Pronouns: They, Them, Theirs

Hello! My name is Molly Young and I am a Qualified Mental Health Professional at Portland Mental Health & Wellness working under the supervision of Adrian Larsen Sanchez, PsyD.

I received my doctorate in clinical psychology from Pacific University in August 2021. My pre-doctoral training consisted of providing individual, relationship, and group psychotherapy at public and private university counseling centers in both Oregon and Texas.

I identify as a queer and non-binary therapist, and take a queer- and gender-affirming stance to all treatment. My specific areas of focus include: gender identity, sexuality, sex, kink/BDSM, ethical non-monogamy, body diversity, and trauma. My approach to therapy is from a relational-cultural framework and feminist ideology. This means that in an effort to provide socially-just care, I integrate the intersectionality of individual, familial, sociocultural, political, and transgenerational factors into my understanding of each client’s lived experience. As part of this, I practice trauma informed care and recognize the strength, creativity, and resiliency that is woven throughout a person’s journey of healing. By showing up as my authentic self and contributing to an environment of transparency, mutual empathy, and radical respect, I hope to foster curiosity in my clients and support them in moving toward relational connectedness. It is within this connection that meaningful growth occurs.

Molly Young, MA

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