Jared Gorfinkel, PsyD

Psychotherapy with Adolescents & Adults

Pronouns: They, Them, Their

My name is Jared Gorifinkel and I am a psychologist resident at Portland Mental Health & Wellness, working under the supervision of Amy Harris, PsyD.

I received my doctorate in clinical psychology from the Wright Institute in August 2020. As part of my training thus far, I have gained experience in the provision of psychotherapy in a number of settings including academic contexts like university and middle school systems, community mental health clinics, and those serving more specialized populations and needs (LGBTQ-focused and a Methadone-maintenence clinic).

My style and approach to therapy stems from a variety of theoretical approaches, with a privileging of more contemporary and relational psychodynamic theories, and with a specific interest in its intersection and application with queer and feminist ideology. That said, I appreciate a number of theories outside of my primary orientation, and will work flexibly to tailor my services to fit your individual needs. To that end, I may draw from multicultural, interpersonal, third-wave behavioral, humanistic/client-centered, and otherwise queer-affirming lines of thinking. More particular areas of interest for me include: life transitions, identity development, multicultural and diversity concerns, gender and sexuality diversity, harm reduction, grief and loss (included but not limited to the death and dying process), and blocks in creative expression. Less theoretically and academically speaking: I seek to create a collaborative therapeutic space that provides the conditions for deep and thoughtful self-reflection across various domains of identity, in addition to an examination of one’s self in relationship, and to hopefully join in an effort to create healing and transformation. In the spirit of more client-centered approaches, you will primarily determine the focus of each session, and I hope to more intentionally focus you once a safe-enough and trusting relationship has been established.

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